Gurme212 Premium Turkish Early Harvest Grape Leaves 16 oz/455gr

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You need to buy grape leaves in order to make stuffed grape leaves. If you wonder where to buy grape leaves, we are here to give you to opportunity to buy grape leaves online.

With or without meat, stuffed grape leaves are one of the most favorite dishes in Turkey and they were introduced to the world. In holidays, feasts, and even normal days, stuffed grape leaves can take their place in the dining table. They can be challenging to prepare but very easy to enjoy eating. A favorite of all, the secret behind preparing this dish is choosing the right grape leaves, with a paper-thin texture and rich flavor of ingredients. Therefore as Gourmet212, we have taken on the duty to ensure that you have the most quality sourced grape leaves delivered to you from the world famous Sultan’s seedless Grape Vines, located in Tokat, Turkey.

There are some features of our product:

  • It doesn’t contain detrimental preservatives
  • It is pesticides-free
  • It is Halal Certified
  • It is Kosher Certified
  • It includes no heavy-metal

Ingredients: Grape Leaves %50, Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Preservatives (Sodium Metabisulfite).

It contains Sulphur.

With either meat or olive oil, these grape leaves will make your palate very satisfied.